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The Benroy plans are here!



The Complete Benroy Bennet Peterson and His Remarkable Trailer

The waiting is over!  The Benroy plans are finally done!

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8' Cubby
Trailer Overview
Plans Overview

10' Comet
Trailer Overview
Plans Overview

Teardrop Trailer Plans

Over the past 13 years Kuffel Creek teardrop trailer plans have become the "Gold Standard" for first-time builders.  We've sold thousands of our detailed plans all over the world; and happy teardroppers have responded by spreading the word that our plans are the best place to start when building your own teardrop trailer, and are well worth the price.  Our obsessive customer service coupled with our absolute no-risk guarantee means you'll never be disappointed that you choose us.

Our plans are a .pdf file and come as an instant download. Click on the above for the trailer and plans description.

8' Cubby/10' Comet Comparison

Air-Conditioning a teardrop

Brag Photos from clients


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