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True Rest

A Step-by-Step Guide for the Home Craftsman

No welding required!  A complete set of teardrop trailer plans that guide you from start to finish on building a teardrop of your own.  

The 8' Cubby is our second installment of our Classic Camping Trailer Series, and brings the sport up to a new level.


Did someone say "details?"

100 pages.  200 full-color photos, drawings and illustrations.  Materials lists down to the last bolt.  These are the most detailed teardrop trailer plans in the world, and they hit the table with a "thud."   

Our plans explain the mysteries that usually vex rookie teardrop builders, such as "how do you prevent leaks?", and "how do you bend the aluminum trim around corners?"  These operations are broken down into easy steps for you.



These aren't plans for a stripped-down, production-type teardrop.  We're talking top-shelf, heirloom quality construction that will retain its value and last for years.  Options are given for the faint-of-heart or the behind-of-schedule for regular drawer joints, but if you have a long winter and a heated shop, we'll show you how to make the best!


Detail after detail has gone into our artwork: full-color measured drawings and exploded views, cross-sections and callouts.  This type of artwork is incredibly labor-intensive and expensive to produce, but when you want the best, it's well worth it.


Shop Drawings

Besides the pages of text and photos, we supply 16 pages of full-color measured shop drawings, fully cross-referenced in the text.  Details are explained where necessary to enable you to save time and money.  



Our plans guide you through every operation; assembling the chassis, forming the body, insulating the cabin, applying the aluminum skin, constructing interior cabinets, wiring diagrams, water system,  and building a complete galley with propane stove.  We even show you how to build your own icebox from scratch.  Our plans will help you no matter which model of teardrop you're building


Materials Lists

People unfamiliar with our plans sometimes ask us "Do you give a list of materials needed to build the trailer?"  Ha! We give page after page of materials lists. Of course, you also have to know where to find the stuff, and so we list the sources for all the parts, and include mail-order suppliers for the specialty items.  


Bonus Sections

Included are bonus sections like Uncle Kevin's Cheapskate Sharpening Tips, Uncle Kevin's Guide to Installing Flooring Perfectly On the First Try, Foolproof Cabinet Doors, and of course, Uncle Kevin's Guide to Hand-Cutting Dovetails.  We give tips on working with aluminum, and are pleased to announce the return of Squirrelly the Wonder Cat, who gives directions on how to back up a trailer.

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The book has (100) 8.5 x 11 pages with full-color illustrations, drawings, and diagrams.  Offered in a .pdf download version that you can copy, save, and print just like any other file; 13MB file size.
Book download $59.95



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