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10' Comet

The 10' Comet is a re-make of the 1947 Trailer for Two from Mechanix Illustrated.  It is a  fully-appointed teardrop  with all the amenities that you'd expect from an upper-tier trailer.  Fully insulated walls, floor and ceiling, Two doors with operable windows, roof fan and vent, off road suspension, complete lighting system, a galley that includes a built-in icebox, electric water system with 12-gallon tank, roll-out stove, a space for a 4-seater picnic table and benches (with umbrella), plenty of food and utensil storage, all enclosed in heirloom-quality cabinets that put the ones in your kitchen to shame. 

The 10' Comet tows like a dream.  No swaying or jackknifing for this gentleman.  The extended tongue makes backing easy, and has high-clearance so you can get to the remote places you want to camp.  Gusts from semi- trucks pass harmlessly over its aerodynamic shape, and you can laugh at the windiest days.  No need for trailer brakes or load distributing hitches either.  Just be ready for lots of "oohs" and "ahhs" from envious admirers!


Say "goodbye" to crowded campgrounds.  Just pull off a forest road and park somewhere.  The self-contained kitchen is ready to cook up a quick meal anywhere.  You can read a while late in the evening, then fall asleep in the warm, soft and secure bed with the stars peeking through the roof vent.  In the morning, just close the hatch and drive off to the next spot!

To top it off, a hatch in the floor lifts up to fit an electric chemical toilet for handy "pit stops" while traveling.  No more trying to find a gas station!

The interior cabin is appointed with rich cabinetry that shows off your craftsman's touch. 

The galley is equipped with the built-in Icebox, a slide-out propane stove, and an electric water spigot fed by a 12 gallon hidden tank. 


Total Weight: 1,220 Lbs. with 12 Gallons of water

Tongue weight: 240 Lbs.

Inside Cabin Width: 45-1/2" 

Inside Cabin Length: 76" 

Inside Cabin Height: 45"

Overall Width: 68" 

Overall Length: 166" long

Water tank capacity: 7 gallons

Deep cycle battery 

Propane stove (uses standard bottled propane canisters)

Ice box (18 lbs. of ice capacity)

Roof vent with Fan

Complete lighting kit

Estimated cost to complete: $2500-3000 

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