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8' Cubby

We heard you!  There are a lot of talented craftsmen out there who are accomplished woodworkers, but cannot weld and are having trouble getting someone to make the trailer undercarriage for them.  Have we got some trailer plans for you!

The 8' Cubby is built upon a heavy-duty utility trailer chassis.  This bolt-together chassis  is easily modified for the Cubby with simple tools, and absolutely no welding is required.    But no welding does not mean that it is not strong ( a good bolt is far better than a bad weld).  All components interlock for a secure connection that makes for a rigid and roadworthy  frame. also offers a 5'x8' chassis if you need a little more width.  The plans can be easily modified to adapt to a 5' wide teardrop (the main thing is finding a local supplier for the 5' wide aluminum, typically from a sign shop or truck trailer repair shop).


Using a manufactured frame will save you hundreds of dollars and countless hours of hard labor, not to mention the danger of poorly-executed amateur welds.  It often goes on sale for around $300, and Harbor Freight will ship it free to mostly anywhere.  The components are dipped-painted and go together in a day.  12"  high speed tires, 2" hitch, light kit and certificate of manufacture are all included.


The rest of the trailer is appointed the way you've come to expect from Kuffel Creek.  The Cubby has an amazing amount of cabinet storage, all executed in the finest methods.  We show you how to craft a family heirloom that will bring oohs and aahs from envious admirers.  We combine the classic looks of the traditional teardrop with the modern conveniences that make camping a pleasure! To top it off, a hatch in the floor lifts up to fit an electric chemical toilet for handy "pit stops" while traveling.  No more trying to find a gas station!  

The galley has a propane stove that uses standard propane bottles, a built-in ice box, electric water pump with 7 gallon water tank, a flip-up prep table, drawers, and sliding-door cabinets. 

Fully insulated, this trailer complies with the most stringent requirements when camping in bear country, as some parks require you to have a "hard sided" camper (tent trailers are not allowed).  When you're putting all the time effort into building your own teardrop, nothing but the best will do.  Our plans show you explicit details on how to build this miniature home on wheels.

Although mostly intended for developed campgrounds, we road-tested the Cubby down some mean washboard roads to ensure that it can go where you want to go.  (It seems anywhere worth camping is down a dirt road).  If your tow vehicle will fit, the Cubby will fit.  Don't try this with a regular RV! 

Overall weight (as shown) 910 lbs. w/ 7 gallons of water in tank

Tongue weight: 180 lbs.

Interior cabin width: 45" (sleeps two)

Interior cabin length: 72" (expandable to 80" with optional tongue ice chest)

Interior cabin height: 45"

Overall length: 11' 4"

Overall width: 5' 4"

Overall height: 5' 10"

Hub bolt pattern 4"- 5 bolt (can accept 14" or 15" wheels with offset rims)

Suspension: slip leaf-springs, 1-1/4" axle, EZ-lube hubs w/ zerk fittings

Spare Tire (mounted underneath) 5.3-12 tubeless, 6PR

Water tank capacity: 7 gallons

Deep cycle battery (or optional ice chest or motorcycle rack on tongue)

Propane stove (uses standard bottled propane canisters)

Ice box (18 lbs. of ice capacity)

Roof vent with Fan

Complete lighting kit

Estimated cost to complete: $2000

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