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We will be closed through the 2024-2025 season due to a large project.  You can try our friends at 39th Parallel Orchard and Nursery, Trees of Antiquity, and Century Farm Orchards

Ordering Apple Trees Within the USA Outside California

Because our nursery is highly seasonal and does not have continuous inspection, most orders traveling out of California in the USA must have a State Phytosanitary Certificate, usually inspection for snails or some other exotic pest.  We used to be charged hourly by the county for this and could split the costs up between orders, but now the certificates are issued online through the USDA Phytosanitary Certificate Issuing and Tracking system (PCIT) and we must charge per order, typically $53 now.  Without this certificate your order runs the risk of being confiscated and destroyed.

We have included a line on the order form for this fee which will need to be paid prior to shipment.

For orders to Central and Northern California, we must have the trees inspected and issued a GWSS* Certificate, which is currently free. 

*Glassy-winged Sharp Shooter, a vector for Pierce's Disease which affects grapevines 

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