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Why the Minimum Order on Apple Benchgrafts?

We run the nursery as a sideline in the spring, which is common for small apple nurseries (there's not much money in apples; why couldn't I have chosen a more profitable hobby, like investment banking?) Our second spring we got so swamped with small orders that we were losing money, falling behind, and came close to hanging the whole thing up. 

I had to make a hard decision; either we could do commercial orders only (what about the lowly home orchardists, like me?), jack the price up per tree (but I want people to plant more apple trees, not less), limit the selection of varieties to 10 of the most common (and let these wonderful varieties die out?), or we could make a 10-tree minimum order. 

We decided to institute the 10-tree minimum and let folks vote with their pocketbook (and yes, you can mix the varieties to get the 10-tree minimum).  If they decided that they still want heirloom or specialty varieties like we offer, they will be willing to split their orders with neighbors or find a good home for the extra trees they may have to order to meet the minimum.  If not, then we won't have to hassle with sorting through the pile of scionwood you see on the counter above to make small orders that don't pay for the time we spend boxing, calling for the County Inspector, and shipping.

We're not trying to be greedy or get rich, just trying to justify the huge amount of time we devote on making these varieties available to the home gardener.    I really wanted to keep it going.

I'm happy to say people responded with a resounding "Yes, we want apples"! and our operation has been much more efficient.  We look forward to serving you for many years into the future; thanks for your vote (i.e. orders) of support.  If you are still wanting just one or two trees, I suggest ordering from either one of my friends at or who carry a lot of the same varieties I do, and sell nice big two year-old trees.

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