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Growing Apples in the City
How to Raise Apples in Your Southern California Back Yard
by Kevin Hauser

Growing Apples In the City is for the often-overlooked lowland Southern California gardener who wishes to grow apples, but finds most of the available apple culture information is geared toward colder climates.  Often these instructions and guidelines  are both discouraging and have no relevance to our area. 

We've prepared a guide specifically for warm and dry climates like Southern California.  We think this may be one of the best places in the world to grow apples.  (And we also modestly consider this book to be the comprehensive source to tell you how to do it!)

Topics covered include:

  • Common apple myths

  • Why don't supermarket apples taste good?

  • History of apples in America

  • Misconceptions about chilling hours

  • Apple rootstocks

  • Warm climate apple varieties

  • Planting and caring for apple trees

  • Helping your tree to be productive

  • Basic training

  • Prune like a man!

  • Aphids, maggots, and borers, oh my!

  • Disease

  • Grafting and propagation

  • Apple orchards at schools

  • What to do with the apples

Just so we're not accused of being stuck on apples, we've included a chapter on growing blueberries in a warm climate.  Yes, dozens of varieties of Southern Highbush blueberries thrive here and produce tons of the biggest, most flavorful blueberries you've ever had!  Not only that, many of these beautiful bushes are evergreen in our climate and produce multiple crops a year, the first ones in April (much to the irritation of northern growers). 

We'll show you the secrets of making this formerly temperamental crop thrive in our soil and climate and where to find them.


The book has (100) 8.5 x 11 pages with full-color illustrations, drawings, and diagrams.  Offered in a .pdf download version that you can copy, save, and print just like any other file; 4MB file size.

Book download $14.95

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