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True Rest

Floor Hatch/Chemical Potty

We got a lot of questions from people who can't quite picture how the floor hatch and porta-potty works.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's four thousand words worth!


A view of the 8' Cubby with the 4" mattress in place, sleeping position (the 10' Comet is the same)


The mattress rolls up and tucks under the cabinet, exposing the floor hatch lid.

The floor hatch lid slides out of the way, either to the front or under the rolled up mattress, exposing the 4" lowered deck below that runs the width of the trailer.

The porta-potty sits on the lowered deck, allowing you to use it while sitting straight up.  It can be braced in this position during transit to allow "pit stops".  At night, it is removed either to a dome tent, your vehicle, or, if you're out in the wilderness, just outside.

We highly recommend the Thetford electric-flush porta-potty.  It doesn't smell at all, is easy to empty, and with the addition of that wonderful blue stuff, is way better to use than those nasty campground pit toilets!  This setup has been wife-tested and approved.



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