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Apple Orchard Consulting / Import-Export Services

I get a lot of questions from growers, horticulturists, and university researchers in developing or marginal apple-growing areas, desiring to either introduce apple culture into their area, or revitalize an existing industry and make it more competitive in the global apple marketplace.  Typically there's not a lot of money to work with, and support from foundations, the university, or investors will not come unless the project can be shown to be viable. 

I welcome these inquiries, and if I don't know the answers, can usually point them in the right direction.

Import/Export Services

We've shipped all over the world and have become quite experienced in navigating the complexities of international phytosanitary protocol.  If you need help in either importing or exporting something, we can save you a lot of trouble. 

Lots of nurseries could be expanding their client base if they were willing to ship internationally.  Sometimes this is easy, and other times it is very difficult; we can usually tell you quickly what you are up against.

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